Choose your Sigma Email Account

Transcom Sigma’s secure email services are well known throughout the industry, as offering a completly AES keyless secure Email service, with its own comprehensive webmail clients as well as normal imap and smtp for devices such as Outlook, Iphone and Android. There are several domain names available, where only a user name and password are needed to create an account, no other information is recorded, these domains can be used for any purpose, including commercial. * Spamming and Bulk Email is not permitted.

Select our FREE version and get to use any of our domains, with immediate access to all the server storage and client side encryption and functions as the Unlimited and Business versions, with the only limitation that your server space is reduced to 600MB from 10GB. There is no limit to the number of messages you can send or receive per day, and you have full support 24/7. You can upgrade from the FREE version to any of our other packages below.

Our PREMIUM service gives you 10GB of server storage as a start, if you need more, you just need to request it from us, there is no additional charge for this (within reason). You can send and receive an unlimited amount of messages per day. and you can have unlimited alias email addresses. You also have access to our Fetchmail service where you can collect email from any number of external accounts such as gmail, thereby enabling all your email in one place. Premium is just £2 per month, cancel anytime.

Use your own domain name or choose a new one, either way, both options are included within our BUSINESS package, where you will get a control panel for your domain to add. delete and suspend an unlimited number of users and alias addresses, as well as change storage space quotas, forwarding, quarrantine management, and spam control policies, and even add administrators. Any available .uk / .com / .net or .org domain name can be chosen, or if you have an exisitng one, we can configure to use it soley for email, or as an addon just for email, such as ‘mail.<your-domain>
Business is just £12 per month, cancel anytime. For this option, please complete the process on the Transcom main website here , as we need full contact information for your domain. (legal requirement)