Transcom operates , a free highe security email service (HSE), messages are encrypted server side and the system uses AES with an unknown decypher key, making it snoop proof, this doesnt however preclude the user from spamming or illegal acticities, and we work on a reporting system where accounts are automatically deleted, and in some cases reported, where the terms of use have been breached.

There are several domains that can be chosen on registration, where only a user name and password are needed, no other information is recorded, these domains are free for public use, including commercial. There is an option to use your own domain name with full online management to add and remove users, you can order this service here.

System Services

  • HSE Email (AES High Security)
  • AES Server side EncryptionOver 70 Languages
  • Unlimited messages space
  • Multiple Identities and Domains
  • No advertising
  • Use any client or webmail
  • Use with iPhone, Android and Outlook
  • Choice of Skins and colours
  • Bi Directional Antispam and Antivirus
  • VCards and RSS Email Feeds
  • Company Address Books
  • CalDAV and CarDDAV Compliant
  • iCAL and Google XML calenders
  • Tasks, Notes and Autoresponders

Using the system

Webail can be accessed by any device on or https://<chosen domain> , logon is your email address, and the password as you selected. To register a new address, click here.

For iphone / android or any email client such as outlook or thunderbird, the settings are standard, and can be found in your webmail account by clicking top left account details, they are :

  • IMAP
  • Encryption SSL
  • Server –
  • Port 993
  • Authentication – ON
  • SMTP
  • Encryption SSL
  • Server –
  • Port 465
  • Authentication – ON
  • Addressbooks

Any illegal, spamming or obscene activities reported will be passed to the authorities in your country..