For those that use satellite communications for web or specifically email services, you know too well the effect that long ping times and DVBS stockpiling due to the satellite distances can have on your user experience, upto the point of failed communications due to time outs. Full information and access details on

Tanscom (sigma) utilies a special cluster bank that uses the pepsal concepts to eliminate these return trip times, its complex in nature but in effect causes the tcp cpnnection to think its ground originated and the effect to the user is a speed consistent with a terrestrial service.

The pepsal service can be found at, which in the case of web users, involves the user adding a simple pepsal proxy server in their web browser settings. For sigma client email services however we push the transport links through the pepsal server automatically, meaning that there is no device settings needed on any device. The difference between a pepsal disabled and enabled can be seen clearly below.

To access the fastap pepsal cluster directly, you can follow the instructions here , or simply enter the servername of and port 900 in your browser proxy settings.