For serious business, get your own domain with Sigma

If your really serious about business, you need your own domain name, or even multiple names forwarded to the same site and email accounts. The reasons are pretty obvious, but to see why you shouldnt use a free account check our brief here. You can use your domain on any device with webmail and any email client (like outlook) including PC’s, Mac’s, iphone and android.

Sigma allows you to choose one of the many free domains, for use on any device such as android / iphone or webmail, but you can just as easily use any domain you choose, either one you already have or a new domain, and Sigma allows you to directly change the account to suit your needs online and in realtime, such as add or delete unlimited accounts, alias names and forwarding, all via your dedicated control panel.

As the owner of the domain, you also get a dedicated company address book for collaborative commincations in association with the Calender component.

To add your domain, simply order the service from the Transcom main shop here or via the quick link below. You can check domain availability here, or point your existing domain mx records to :
mx: 5: and mx: 10:

Business Email £4.99 + vat per month